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Designs & Permits
Design, Drawings, & Permit

Often the most confusing and crucial time of a new project is the initial design and paperwork. We can help our customers throughout the permit process - from start to finish. We can design and prepare all of the documents required to obtain a building permit for your new project.

Low Maintenance Decking Photo
Low-Maintenance Decking

By choosing low maintenance decking materials, you have eliminated the annoying yearly labour that comes with any wood deck, such as sanding and staining.  With a wide variety of colours and textures to choose from surely there will be a product right for you. The ideal scenario is to spend less time worrying about the maintenance and more time enjoying your new space. 

Railing & Privacy Screens
Railings & Privacy Screens

Pairing your low maintenance deck with aluminum or glass railings are a great way to continue a long lasting new look to your deck. Most railing options can be illuminated for safety concerns or just to bring a new level of elegance to your backyard. There are many options when it comes to privacy screens whether it's custom or a pre-fabricated screens to give your space a little more privacy. 

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